Zellerfeld: 3D-Prints Sneakers to Rule the World

Founded in 2020 as a company for 3D-printed shoes, Zellerfeld turned down all acquisition proposals from well-known shoe manufacturers and received funding from businesses like PayPal, Tesla, and Space X.

“Is 3D printing the method that will enable designers to fulfill their experimental dreams?” “Absolutely, you don’t have to assemble a shoe anymore, you just have to push a button if you do it correctly.”

This is Zellerfeld’s company vision, and it also heralds a new way of making footwear in the future. It has worked closely with many fashion brands, including Heron Preston, KidSupe, Ambush, and even YEEZY, to launch a series of fully 3D-printed shoes.

Zellerfeld’s 3D-printed shoes are soft and elastic, using TPU polymer material that is manufactured in a single piece. Because there are no seams, stitches, or glue required for bonding, the shoes may be immediately recycled and repurposed to manufacture new shoes. Next, let’s take a look at Zellerfeld’s progression.

Heron Preston and Zellerfeld released the first totally 3D printed shoe Heron01 in October last year, which sold out immediately and drew considerable attention. The shoe has now been upgraded to version 0.81, which has an improved collar design for simpler donning and doffing, a softer upper, a bigger toe box, and increased arch support.

This is where Zellerfeld differs. Testers may scan their feet and order their own shoes based on an APP. At the same time, consumers who provide input on the test version will receive a free pair of shoes in the next update. This could be interpreted as Zellerfeld collecting a large amount of footstep data, combining it with user feedback, constantly updating the design, and ultimately producing a more qualified 3D-printed shoe product. To further improve the user experience, Zellerfeld has launched a free trial program to allow users to try on their products before they buy them.

Ambush collaborated with Heron Preston and Zellerfeld on June 20 of this year to release the 100S 3D-printed shoes, which will also be distributed as NFT tokens. The shoes were the first mass-produced 3D-printed shoes to reach the market. To ensure the success of this product, Zellerfeld used its deep learning algorithms to make detailed footstep analyses and to perfect the design of the shoe.

The “Heal Your Soul, Heal Your Sole” shoe made an appearance at KidSuper’s Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show in June as well. This is a new 3D-printed sneaker concept created in collaboration with Zellerfeld. It combines an ergonomic design with Zellerfeld’s innovative and advanced 3D printing technology to create a comfortable, stylish shoe that is both affordable and sustainable.

Kanye West introduced 3D-printed boots at YEEZY’s ninth-season fashion show on October 4. Kanye’s the first 3D printed work, designed and manufactured in collaboration with Zellerfeld, is set to be available for purchase in December and will revolutionize the way shoes are created.

In collaboration with the London-based shoe design studio Finn Rush-Taylor Studio, Zellerfeld unveiled a new collection of 3D-printed sneakers in November. Finally, it is clear that Zellerfeld works with cutting-edge companies, supports them, and provides its own 3D printing services, much like an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) factory.

The game’s regulations have also changed at the same time. In the past, producing shoes in large quantities was necessary to make a profit; otherwise, the price would be prohibitive. A big achievement for the industry is without a doubt the fact that even a pair of shoes can now be produced using 3D printing, cutting down the development process from months to weeks or even fewer.

Zellerfeld quickly established itself and started down a different route of 3D printing exploration while assisting B-end users to expand the market. Technically speaking, Zellerfeld is not special.

The resource library states that it continues to employ TPU material and the standard FDM (melt extrusion molding) 3D printing technique.

A pair of shoes used to take 40 hours to make, which is presumably something that most makers of 3D printing equipment can accomplish. The idea behind Zellerfeld is to model itself after an app store, where designers can upload their ideas, customers can pay for them, and Zellerfeld will print them. Cooperation with popular companies is currently the first phase of its development, and it will take time to build up what it truly wants to do.

In the future, Zellerfeld plans to further develop its platform and focus on allowing customers to order more advanced products that use a variety of 3D printing techniques.

Once the shoes are fully integrated, all that will be needed to finish them is a 3D-printed, unmanned factory. 3D printing can be used for both bulk production and customized customization. Saying that there has been a revolution in the shoe industry is not overstating the case.



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