Top 8 Best High-Speed PLA Filament 2023

High-Speed PLA Filament

When it comes to 3D printing, PLA filament is a popular choice due to its ease of use and eco-friendliness. However, for those seeking faster 3D printing speeds without compromising on print quality, high-speed PLA filament is the way to go. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 best high-speed PLA filaments, their benefits, and how to choose the best one for your 3D printing needs.

Best 10 High-Speed PLA Filament

1. Creality PLA Filament Pro

One of the standout features of Creality hyper PLA filament is its incredible toughness enhancement, ensuring your prints are durable and reliable. The filament’s stable spool design minimizes tangles, making printing smoother and hassle-free. Moreover, with a filament accuracy of 1.75mm ±0.03 mm, and 1 kg (2.2 pounds) weight, the strict quality control guarantees a reassuring printing experience, ensuring your creations turn out exactly as you envisioned them.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, this High-Speed PLA is perfect for novices looking to get started with basic settings. Its compatibility with most 3D printers on the market, including popular models like Such as Ender 3, Ender 3 S1,Ender 3 pro,Ender 3v2, Ender 5 S1, Ender 5 pro, CR 6, A 8, CR 10., makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of users.


  • Exceptional toughness enhancement for durable prints.
  • Stable spool design to minimize tangles during printing.
  • Precise filament size accuracy for reliable results.
  • Beginner-friendly, easing novices into 3D printing.
  • Wide compatibility with various 3D printers, catering to a broad user base.


  • High-speed printing might require specific adjustments to prevent filament shrinkage.
  • Cooling settings may need adjustments to prevent warping on slanted overhangs.
  • Not the best choice for projects requiring extremely fine dimensional accuracy.

2. GIANTARM High-Speed PLA Filament

This specially engineered filament is tailored for Fast-Printing printers, pushing the boundaries of printer speed and efficiency, achieving speeds of up to 300mm/s in the optimal temperature range. With its professional vacuum packaging and desiccant protection, this filament ensures your prints stay dry, dust-free, and free from foreign particles, guaranteeing consistent and reliable results.


  • High-Speed design for faster and more efficient printing.
  • Professional vacuum packaging with desiccant protection for consistent print quality.
  • The less-tangle feature ensures a smooth printing experience.
  • Wide compatibility with most Fast Printing FDM 3D printers.
  • Impressive dimensional accuracy and color consistency.


  • Some users may prefer more color variety options.
  • Beginners might find the high-speed setting challenging to optimize.
  • Limited availability in certain regions.

3. SainSmart GT-3 High-Speed Matte PLA Filament

With a blazing printing speed of up to 500mm/s, this filament delivers exceptional performance, minimizing stringing and sagging with its excellent fluidity and viscosity. Strike the perfect balance between speed and precision by printing at around 300 mm/s for optimal results.

The GT-3 PLA boasts easy-to-remove supports, preserving your model’s fine details effortlessly. Enjoy a sleek matte finish that hides layer lines, adding durability to your prints compared to regular PLA. Say goodbye to clogging or jamming issues, as this filament’s softening temperature of 140°C ensures smooth printing, even at high speeds.

Compatibility is a breeze with its standard 1.75mm diameter, suitable for a wide range of 3D printers like Prusa, Creality, AnkerMake M5, QI DI, ANYCUBIC, Flashforge, Monoprice, SCRIB3D, MYNT3D, and more.

For glass printing platforms, achieve optimal results by applying additional glue or using masking paper and increasing the hotbed temperature to approximately 65°C.


  • Lightning-fast printing up to 500mm/s.
  • Excellent fluidity, reducing stringing and sagging.
  • Easy-to-remove supports without damaging the model.
  • Matte finish hides layer lines and adds strength.
  • Resistant to clogging or jamming.
  • Wide compatibility with various 3D printers.


  • Ultra-fast printing may require specific adjustments.
  • A glossy finish is not achievable with this filament.

4. SUNLU 3D Printer Filament PLA Meta 1.75mm

Get ready for a smooth and hassle-free printing experience as SUNLU PLA-Meta guarantees 100% bubble-free prints, precise diameter control of ±0.02mm, and absolutely no knots, ensuring top-notch results every time.

Say goodbye to printing woes with PLA-Meta’s exceptional fluidity, which is a whopping 1.5 times higher than ordinary PLA, making it easier to work with. Plus, its impressive impact resistance, about 1.5 times stronger than regular PLA and PLA+, ensures your printed models can handle a little rough and tumble without a problem.

Its’ lower printing temperature (180℃-200℃) will save energy and prolong your 3D printer’s life, thanks to its lower melting point (155℃-170℃) compared to standard PLA. It’s like a win-win situation!

It works like a charm with various FDM 3D printers and SUNLU filament dryer box S1/S1 Plus/S2 series, making it perfect for all your crafting, artwork, and industrial design sample needs.

And don’t you worry about post-purchase support because SUNLU’s got your back! They offer up to 1-year warranty and promise to respond to your emails within 24 hours, ensuring you’re in good hands every step of the way.


  • 100% bubble-free and precise printing for seamless results.
  • Super fluidity and enhanced impact resistance for reliable performance.
  • Energy-saving with lower printing temperature, ensuring printer longevity.
  • New hue for eye-catching and glossy 3D-printed models.
  • Compatible with various 3D printers and SUNLU filament dryers.
  • Top-notch after-sales support with up to 1-year warranty and quick email responses.


  • Detailed technical specifications may require additional research for specific applications.

5. ELEGOO High Speed PLA+ Filament 1.75mm

With enhanced fluidity, this filament allows for rapid and smooth melting, enabling lightning-fast printing at speeds of up to 600mm/s without compromising on quality.

But speed isn’t all it offers. ELEGOO RAPID PLA+ boasts enhanced strength and toughness, with high flexural modulus and elongation at break, ensuring resistance to brittleness and cracking. Print functional parts with confidence, knowing they’ll perform exceptionally.

The filament’s cooling effect and strong layer bonding capabilities result in a smooth surface on your final prints, minimizing visible layer lines and ensuring impeccable adhesion. Your models will look and feel professional.

Speaking of precision, this filament boasts top-notch accuracy with a diameter of 1.75mm and an impressive accuracy of +/- 0.02mm. Enjoy consistent feeding and reliable performance throughout your printing journey.


  • A rapid printing speed of up to 600mm/s for quick project completion.
  • High flexural modulus and elongation at break for strong and functional prints.
  • Smooth surface with minimal visible layer lines, thanks to excellent adhesion and layer bonding.
  • Neatly wound filaments reduce tangles and improve printing efficiency.
  • The precise production process ensures consistent filament diameter for reliable feeding.


  • May require adjustments in settings for some printers to achieve optimal results.

6. Geeetech HS-PLA 1.75mm

HS-PLA is Geeetech’s newly launched high-speed printing filament, which has stronger fluidity, smoother discharge, and faster curing and forming speed, perfect for high-speed 3D printers. The model printed with high-speed pla is 2.5× tougher than normal PLA.

Due to the improvement of raw materials, it can produce stronger layer adhesion at the same printing temperature. Also Geeetech Filament is made out of sustainable natural materials.

7. AMOLEN PLA 3D Printer Filament, High Speed Black

AMOLEN PLA filament is made from USA-sourced materials, ensuring stable and smooth 3D prints, even at high speeds of up to 500mm/s. It’s designed to be durable and has excellent printing performance, with no bubbles, jams, or warping. Plus, it’s compatible with most FDM 3D printers and pens. The 1.75mm diameter filament comes in various colors, making it perfect for arts, crafts, and DIY projects. And if you encounter any issues, their after-sales service is top-notch, with replacements or full refunds for defective filaments and 24/7 customer support.

8. eSUN PLA HS High Speed PLA Filament 1.75mm

eSUN PLA HS is specifically designed for high-speed printers, offering 3-5 times faster printing at 250mm/s compared to ordinary PLA at 50mm/s, resulting in a 300% increase in printing efficiency. The filament is highly compatible with a range of 3D printers, including Bambu Lab, AnkerMake, Voron, Flsun, Creality, Ender, Raise 3D, and RMF500.

It maintains high precision and smooth extrusion, allowing for fine structures without layer lines or deformation even at high speeds, and exhibits excellent bridging and overhang performance with a smooth surface finish.

eSUN PLA HS strikes a balance between high-speed printing and quality, offering excellent fluidity and viscosity to prevent excessive stringing and sagging, ensuring detailed and accurate prints.

The filament is easy to print with minimal issues like bubbles and stringing, is made from renewable plant resources with low odor.

What is High-Speed PLA Filament?

High-speed PLA filament is an advanced version of the standard PLA filament, specially engineered to improve print speed while maintaining excellent print quality. It is made from the same biodegradable and renewable sources, such as cornstarch or sugarcane, making it an eco-conscious choice for 3D printing projects.

Benefits of High-Speed PLA Filament:

Faster Printing: High-speed PLA filament is optimized for rapid printing, significantly reducing the time it takes to complete a 3D print.
Consistent Quality: Despite the increased print speed, high-speed PLA filament still delivers consistent and reliable print results with minimal warping.
Easy to Use: Like traditional PLA, high-speed PLA filament is non-toxic, easy to handle, and doesn’t require a heated print bed.

Key Considerations When Choosing High-Speed PLA Filament:

Diameter: Ensure that the filament diameter matches your 3D printer’s specifications. Typical diameters are 1.75mm and 2.85mm.
Print Temperature: Check the recommended printing temperature of the filament. High-speed PLA typically prints at lower temperatures, reducing the risk of clogs and improving print speed.
Print Settings: Verify that your 3D printer’s settings are optimized for high-speed PLA filament. Adjusting settings like print speed, layer height, and cooling can lead to better results.
Brand and Quality: Choose reputable brands that offer high-quality filament to ensure consistency and avoid potential issues during printing.


If you’re seeking to optimize your 3D printing process for speed without compromising print quality, high-speed PLA filament is the ideal choice. Its eco-friendly nature, ease of use, and consistent results make it a valuable addition to any 3D printing toolkit. By considering the key factors mentioned in this guide and exploring reputable brands, you’ll be well on your way to achieving faster and more impressive 3D prints. Happy printing!


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