xTool M1 Ultimate Review: Design, Software, Features, Price

xTool M1: The Ultimate Gift-making Laser & Blade Cutting Machine

xTool M1

Red Dot Winner 2022


The xTool M1 is a one-of-a-kind hybrid laser cutter and engraver. It has a camera to aid in precisely situating your creations. It also includes a blade-cutting tool, similar to a Cricut, that can be changed out to cut vinyl and other materials. All of it is kept in a strong box with a fan, LED lighting, and safe working conditions. You might want to consider investing in a laser cutter. Read this xTool M1 review to find out if this laser cutter fits your needs.

What’s the xTool M1 Price?

xTool M1 Design

The xTool M1 is a prosumer tool that looks like a combination printer and scanner. It’s 56cm broad, 45cm deep, 23cm tall, and weighs a little under 10kg. The white main body has a brown acrylic cover that is half-transparent and opens to show the inside working space. 30cm deep, 42.7cm broad, and 12cm high are the interior dimensions. It’s not the largest engraving space I’ve seen, but it’s also not the smallest.

xTool M1
Source: micromark

It can accommodate an HTV sheet or A4 card stock. If you remove the machine’s base, you may engrave infinitudes of thicknesses. The standard thickness is 15 mm. You can soon buy risers to enhance this, but it’s plenty for most people.

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The inside has line guides and LED strips that light up when the lid is opened. On the back of the computer is a hidden camera, and when you close the lid, the view changes (or you can do it yourself). It’s not a live-view camera, so it simply refreshes when asked.

Inside, there’s a cable tray and no dangling cables. Metal prisms are included to help lift the material you’re laser-cutting or engraving. However, this means that the maximum thickness of the material you can cut or engrave is even less than 10 mm. These prisms let air flow freely below, which makes the cut smoother and makes it easier to see if the material was cut right. Two cutting mats (one for HTV, one for textiles), a blade holder, and five 45-degree blades are provided.

When the stickiness wears off or the blade dulls, replace the blades and cutting mats. The xTool M1 comes with a fan and a 6-foot hose to attach to the back. If you can’t vent the hose outdoors, you can buy a rotating attachment and air filter. Adding both of these to your order will almost quadruple the machine’s price, so stick to the essentials unless you’re sure you need them.

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xTool M1: What’s Included in the Box?

Use caution when opening the well-packed box. Inside is:

  • xTool M1 machine
  • Vent exhaust pipe
  • Vent pipe connector
  • Vent pipe clamp
  • Four vent pipe screws
  • The two pieces of the power cord (USB cord) and the bundle of “triangle prisms” of sample materials
  • Five 45° replacement blades

xTool M1: Laser Engraver and Cutter Features

Three-in-One Innovation: The world’s first desktop hybrid laser and blade-cutting machine, ideal for gift-making. The xTool M1 combines laser engraving, laser cutting, and blade cutting into one tool, allowing you to do a lot more with a broad variety of materials. The powerful laser engraver has an adjustable focal lens, making it easier to work with even the thinnest materials. With a laser cutting speed of up to 30,000mm per minute and a blade cutting speed of up to 10,000mm per minute, the xTool M1 is truly an innovative product that will help you get more out of your gift.

300+ SUPPORTED MATERIALS: The xTool M1 can cut or engrave more than 300 materials, including vinyl, metal, leather, wood, paper, PVC, fabric, iron-on, cardboard, felt, ceramics, and plastic. You can use the blade head to cut vinyl to avoid a burned edge, discoloration, and unhealthy fumes. The xTool M1 is a revolutionary machine that will revolutionize your craft. With the xTool M1, you can take your crafts to the next level and make something unique and special.

The xTool M1 laser engraver is strong, fast, and accurate. It uses cutting-edge laser technology to put out a real 5W of power and can cut through 6mm of wood in one pass. With compressed spot technology and a FAC lens, ultra-fine 0.01mm engraving accuracy was achieved at speeds of up to 15000 mm/min. The xTool M1 provides you with unprecedented power and accuracy, allowing you to craft works of art like never before.

SMART AND 3 STEPS TO START: With a 16MP high-quality camera inside, the xTool M1 can begin auto-focusing, visual processing, and creation in only three simple steps. It may also extract photos, designs, and drawings for further creative design and use the AI system for batch processing. The power and accuracy of the xTool M1 mean you can create incredible works of art with ease.

Safety and environmental friendliness: Class I (FDA-approved) safety rating Blue light may be filtered by the viewing cover to protect your eyes. A built-in fan with an exhaust pipe swiftly removes and disposes of smoke, dust, and debris. The built-in fan and exhaust pipe also help to keep the viewing environment clean and safe from hazardous particles, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Red Dot Winner 2022

xTool M1: The Ultimate Gift-making Laser & Blade Cutting Machine

3-in-1 Laser Engraver & Cutting Machine

xTool M1: Machine Setup

  1. Easy laser setup. Power up. USB allows computer connections. Bluetooth is also available, and they offer an app for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. 
  2. Connect the exhaust hose. Hand-tighten the plate’s bolts and clamp the hose; no screwdriver is needed. Exhaust hazardous fumes through a window. xTool’s add-on HEPA filter eliminates the need to vent out the window.  
  3. On the back is the power switch, and on the front is the start button.
  4. Next, download xTool’s graphic design program or app from the app store. Follow the on-screen instructions to download. Cricut owners are familiar with the design program. The left menu has upload, text, and shape options. The top menu has size and alignment tools. Right, we alter cut or engraving parameters. Click the connect button on the M1 Laser Cutter software. Once it’s connected, we can begin.

xTool M1: Creative Space Software Set Up

Obtain and install XCS.

Click “yes” when you are asked, “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” and then continue the installation as prompted.

Quick start example

1. Select a language.

2. Connect your device to XCS.

3. Place a material

4. Open a project file, import an image, or create your design on XCS.

5. Set the processing type, mode, and parameters.

6. Start processing.

Function description

  • Shortcut keys
  • Right-click menus
  • Menus
  • Project name
  • Links
  • Tools
  • Canvas
  • Canvas management
  • Device settings
  • Processing settings
  • Start processing

More at: https://3dpadvisor.com/xtool-m1

xTool M1 5W vs. 10W

  • xTool M1 5W

    • Cut through up to 4 mm of basswood
  • xTool M1 10W

    • Cut through up to 8 mm of basswood

Both have a different laser power. The 10W model with Dual Laser Technology can cut through up to 8 mm of basswood in one pass, while the 5W model can only cut through up to 4 mm of basswood in one pass because it lacks Dual Laser Technology.

xTool M1 Pros & Cons

3dpadvisorxTool M1 Compact 3-in-1 Laser Engraver & Cutting Machinehttps://3dpadvisor.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/M1_9e560758-01ac-4133-b26b-7aa20ced69e9_1024x1024.webpCompact 3-in-1 Laser Engraver & Cutting Machine with Rotary & Material Box, Higher Accuracy & Smarter 16MP Auto-Focus, Create Christmas DIY Wood/Metal/PInStock809.10USD2022/12/31214Is the xTool M1 the Ultimate Maker Machine45,camera view,1,,less scrap,2,,Blades & lasers switched out quickly,3,,quicker batch production,4,,a sizable enclosed workspace,5,,automatic laser focus,6,,new software incompatible with LightBurn.,1,xTool


  • camera view
  • less scrap
  • Blades & lasers switched out quickly
  • quicker batch production
  • a sizable enclosed workspace
  • automatic laser focus


  • new software incompatible with LightBurn.

PROS: When using camera view, you may place your project more accurately, resulting in less scrap and quicker batch production. Blades and lasers can be switched out quickly. automatic laser focus and a sizable enclosed workspace equipped with an exhaust fan for removing noxious odors and gases.

Cons: You’ll have to learn new software because it’s incompatible with LightBurn.

xTool M1: Is the xTool M1 the Ultimate Maker Machine?

Is it worth?

Incredible power in an elegant style that will look at home in your living area or office. This one costs around $1,000, which is more than a low-end 10W laser engraver, which generally costs around $400. However, you get a superb camera as well as a considerably safer sealed structure that keeps harmful gases out. In addition, a blade tool attachment for cutting heat transfer vinyl and fabrics is included. Is this the apex of microfabrication technology? Yes, it is feasible.


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