Journey into Carbon Elegance: Creality K1C’s Unveiling Sparks Excitement!

News updated on Jan 14th, 2024

creality k1c

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Creality K1C: A Speed and Skill Powerhouse

The Creality K1C is an advanced version of its predecessor, the K1, featuring a remarkable maximum print speed of 600mm/s. It comes with added functionalities such as an AI camera and a quick-change nozzle. The K1C’s elegant design and robust chamber provide a dependable and stable printing environment, ensuring top-notch precision and accuracy. It boasts a sizable build volume of 220x220x250mm, facilitating the creation of larger and more complex models, and its high-precision nozzle delivers detailed and accurate prints.

Like the K1, the K1C is equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface, making it easy for users to operate and manage various functions. The printer’s impressive acceleration rate of 20,000mm/s² enables it to reach speeds of up to 600mm/s in just 0.03 seconds, printing up to twelve times faster than other FDM printers in the market. The durable titanium alloy hot end supports printing at temperatures up to 300°C. The all-metal direct drive extruder, with an extrusion force of 50N, accommodates a wide range of materials including PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, PA, and PC. Switching to a hardened stainless steel nozzle allows for the printing of abrasive filaments like PA-CF without issue.

The K1C also features a filament run-out detection system that automatically halts the printing process when the filament is depleted, preventing errors or wasted prints. In addition, its resume printing function enables users to pick up printing from where they left off in case of power failures or interruptions.

The Creality K1C is an ideal choice for both novices and experienced users. Its easy-to-use interface and consistent performance make it a versatile and efficient 3D printer for a variety of printing tasks.

  • All-metal Extruder for Enhanced Dependability
  • Automatic Calibration for Hassle-Free Leveling
  • Tri-metal “Unicorn” Nozzle for Quick Swapping
  • Advanced AI Camera for Monitoring
  • Excellent Support for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Filaments
  • Dynamic Balancing to Minimize Vibration
  • CoreXY Architecture for Exceptional Speed
  • Air Filtration and Quiet Mode for Enhanced Environment
  • Creality OS and Comprehensive Software Ecosystem

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In early 2023, Creality revolutionized the 3D printing world with the launch of their K1 series. Known for its blistering print speed of 600mm/s and a plug-and-play experience that’s hard to match, the K1 series sparked a craze for high-speed and intelligent printing.

Now, pushing the boundaries of innovation, Creality has enhanced the printer’s stability and filament compatibility. Just six months later, they’ve hit the market again with the new Creality K1C, a 3D printer that promises an exhilarating printing experience, aptly termed the industrial machine among consumer printers.

What Could We Expect from the Creality K1C?

1. Enhanced Performance: Mastering Carbon Fiber Filaments Made Simple

The Creality K1C comes equipped with a full-metal extrusion system, proving itself to be a true filament feeding beast. The extruder features new lateral springs and a limit bead for more stable extrusion force and ultra-precise filament feeding. Its innovative nozzle structure integrates the nozzle and throat tube, ensuring smooth filament flow and easy, single-handed replacement. This dramatically reduces maintenance difficulties and frequency.

The hardened steel tip of the nozzle means the K1C can effortlessly print with wear-resistant materials like carbon fiber. Those familiar with materials know that carbon fiber models boast high mechanical strength, wear resistance, and age well, making them widely applicable in the industrial sector.

The K1C’s print head is upgraded with a professionally designed dynamic balance for its hot-end cooling fan and model cooling fan. This ensures smooth and balanced blade rotation, significantly reducing surface ripples on models caused by fan vibrations.

2. Unbox and Print: A Companion That Knows You

As a complete 3D printing solution, the Creality K1C takes just 3 minutes from unboxing to start-up, accompanied by a nanny-like guide akin to that of a smartphone. The K1C inherits the K1 series’ highly praised calibration-free leveling design, requiring no manual intervention.

For an enhanced smart experience, the K1C comes standard with an AI camera for intelligent monitoring of the printing process, offering remote alerts in case of issues. It also features pre-installed shock-absorbing pads, damping door hinges, and an explosion-proof membrane, showing attention to every detail.

The K1C can switch to a silent mode at the touch of a button, reducing noise levels to a mere 45dB – comparable to the sound of flipping a book, ensuring it never disturbs your rest or work.

An in-built air purification carbon pack effectively absorbs and purifies any odors that may arise from melting materials, making the K1C a considerate companion, always there when needed and unobtrusive when you seek tranquility.

3. Comprehensive Software Ecosystem: Everything You Need

The K1C is compatible with official quality accessories like filaments, drying boxes, and platform plates. Running on Creality OS, built on the open-source Klipper, it supports customization of features.

The Creality Print slicing software comes with built-in advanced algorithms for intelligent cooling and retraction optimization. Its local printing feature enables users to remotely manage their 3D printing farms. Creality Cloud offers a vast array of free 3D models, supporting cloud slicing and printing. This synergy between hardware and software becomes the true game-changer for the K1C.

Creality K1C Specifications

We have discovered that the parameter information for the K1C has been uploaded on Creality’s official website. To facilitate a better understanding of the differences between K1C, K1, and K1 MAX, we have compiled a comparative table for easy reference.

FeatureK1CK1K1 MAX
Printing TechnologyFDMFDMFDM
Printing Size220×220×250mm220×220×250mm300×300×300mm
Machine Size355×355×482mm355×355×480mm435×462×526mm
Packaging Size428×428×567mm415×415×550mm508×508×608mm
Product Net Weight12.4kg12.5kg18kg
Packaging Gross Weight16kg16kg23kg
Printing Speed≤600mm/s≤600mm/s≤600mm/s
Printing Precision100±0.1mm100±0.1mm100±0.1mm
Layer Thickness0.1-0.35mm0.1-0.35mm0.1-0.35mm
Extruder TypeAll-metal direct drive extruderDual-gear direct drive extruderDual-gear direct drive extruder
Filament Diameter1.75mm1.75mm1.75mm
Nozzle Diameter0.4mm0.4mm (compatible with 0.6/0.8mm)0.4mm (compatible with 0.6/0.8mm)
Nozzle Temperature≤300°C≤300°C≤300°C
Heated Bed Temperature≤100°C≤100°C≤100°C
Printing PlatformPEI Spring Steel PlatformFlexible build plateFlexible build plate
LevelingAutomatic Bed LevelingHands-free auto levelingDual hands-free auto leveling
Printing ModesCloud Printing / LAN Printing / USB PrintingUSB drive, WiFiUSB drive, Ethernet, WiFi
Display4.3-inch Color Touch Screen4.3″ color touch screen4.3″ color touch screen
AI CameraStandard InclusionOptionalYes
AI LiDAR (Laser Radar)OptionalOptionalYes
Power Loss RecoverySupportedSupportedSupported
Filament Runout SensorSupportedSupportedSupported
Vibration Ripple OptimizationSupportedSupportedSupported
Lighting KitSupportedSupportedSupported
Auto SleepSupportedSupportedSupported
Rated Voltage100-120V~, 200-240V~, 50/60Hz100-120V~, 200-240V~, 50/60Hz100-240V ~, 50/60Hz
Rated Power350W350W1000W
Printing File FormatG-CodeG-CodeG-Code
Slicing SoftwareCreality Print, compatible with Cura/Simplify3D/PrusaSlicerCreality Print; compatible with Cura, Simplify3D, PrusaSlicerCreality Print; compatible with Cura, Simplify3D, PrusaSlicer
Slicing Supported FormatsSTL, OBJ, 3MFSTL, OBJ, AMFSTL, OBJ, AMF

Although the details for K1C are up on Creality’s official website, it seems the product isn’t up for sale just yet. From what we’ve gathered, there’s a good chance K1C will hit the market in the next month. For more specific information, check out the official store. Stay tuned for the release—exciting times ahead!


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