Creality HALOT-MAGE/Pro 8K Review- Worth It or Not?

3D printing technology has come a long way since its inception, and it’s companies like Creality that are driving the innovation further. Released in April 2023, the HALOT-MAGE series is Creality’s next-gen solution for resin printing. The basic version, HALOT-MAGE, boasts a 10.3-inch masking LCD, 8K high resolution, and an air purifier, while the HALOT-MAGE PRO excels with a 170mm/h thrilling speed, an innovative resin pump, and the Integral Light Source 3.0. This amazing pair marks a leapfrog of Creality since it released the first resin 3D printer in 2015.

What’s in it?


Innovative 3D Printing to Meet User Needs

Designed around user input, the HALOT-MAGE series addresses typical 3D printing concerns such as slow speed, tricky resin recovery, pungent resin odors, an awkward lid, and limited size and precision. With the HALOT-MAGE PRO’s remarkable speed, users can produce quality prints in just one hour. With the MAGE series, Creality aims to make the 3D printing experience more efficient and user-friendly, and they’ve managed to do just that.

Creality Halot-Mage 3d resin printer

Meeting User Concerns Head-on

170mm/h Hyper Speed

The HALOT-MAGE PRO offers a staggering 170mm/h speed without sacrificing quality, making it 3 to 5x faster than the competition. The “Dynax” motion system lifts and lowers the build plate steadily in only 1.2 seconds.

8K Flawless Large Print

The 10.3in 8K (7680×4320) mono LCD boasts 29.7μm XY resolution, more refined and anti-aliasing than the 50μm of a regular 4K printer. The large LCD brings a generous 228x128x230mm build volume.

Atomic Heart 3d printed

Integral Light Source 3.0

The HALOT-MAGE PRO adopts the 3.0 edition of the Integral Light, with light uniformity above 90% promising consistent quality throughout the whole print. This enables 0.1mm hand-removable micro supports. The light intensity is as high as 8000μw/cm², able to cure a layer in one second with standard 405nm resin. The new integral light means users can print models with smooth surfaces and crisp contours.

Professional “MageArch” Flip Lid

The flip lid is designed to be easy to open and close with one hand and saves space. With a practical orange tint blocking out 99.89% of ambient UV light, this lid is perfect for the task.

Smart Air Purifier

The air purifier, powered by the printer directly, boasts a replaceable activated carbon filter that’s 5.8 times larger than others. It will remove resin odor effectively and lasts roughly three months after each replacement. A vent hole is at the back to connect a vent tube.

Smart Resin Pump

The HALOT-MAGE PRO features a smart resin pump for auto resin fill & withdrawal. It can refill or recover one liter of resin within half an hour, minimizing spills and messes.


Printing Technology: MSLAPrinting Technology: LCD MSLA
Build Volume: 228x128x230mm (6712cm³)Build Volume: 228x128x230mm (6712cm³)
Product Dimensions: 333x270x608mmProduct Dimensions: 333x270x608mm
Package Dimensions: 420x350x675mmPackage Dimensions: 420x350x675mm
Net Weight: 13.3kgNet Weight: 12kg
Gross Weight: 16.2kgGross Weight: 15kg
Printing Speed: ≤170mm/hPrinting Speed: 1-5s/layer
Layer Height: 0.05-0.15mmLayer Height: 0.05-0.15mm
LCD Screen: 10.3“ monochrome screenLCD Screen: 10.3“ monochrome screen
LCD Resolution: 8K (7680×4320)LCD Resolution: 8K (7680×4320)
XY Resolution: 29.7μmXY Resolution: 29.7μm
Light Source: Integral Light Source 3.0Light Source: Integral Light
Light Uniformity (%): >90%
Light Intensity: 8000±10%μW/cm²
Release Film: High-speed filmLight Intensity: 5000±10%μW/cm²
File Transfer: USB drive, RJ45 cable, WiFi, Creality CloudFile Transfer: USB drive
Smart Resin Pump: YesSmart Resin Pump: No
Air Purifier: YesAir Purifier: Yes
Input Power: 150WInput Power: 100W
Resin: 405nm resinsResin: 405nm resins
Slicing Software: HALOT BOX, CHITUBOX, Lychee SlicerSlicing Software: HALOT BOX, CHITUBOX, Lychee Slicer
Computer OS: Windows/MacComputer OS: Windows/Mac
File Formats: STL/OBJFile Formats: STL/OBJ
Display Screen: 4.3″ color touchscreenDisplay Screen: 4.3″ color touchscreen

According to the printer’s technical specifications, only the light intensity appears to be different. Perhaps there are additional differences between the Halot-Mage Pro 8K and the standard 8K that are not reflected in the specifications.

Improving User Experience with Ecosystem Optimization

Creality understands the ecosystem is also an integral part of an excellent user experience. To help with that, Creality developed the HALOT BOX slicer software, which includes many presets to make life easier. The MAGE series is also compatible with other slicer software. And, with HALOT-MAGE PRO, you need not worry about slicer software for one year as it comes with a VIP of CHITUBOX Pro free.

In terms of printer control, users can easily manage dozens of HALOT MAGE PRO’s via the multi-printers control function of HALOT BOX or Creality Cloud.

Matching the MAGE series with Creality Wash&Cure station, high-speed release film, Crealtiy fast resin, Creality 8K high precision resin, etc., is advised to get optimal performance.

Test Results

A New Standard in 3D Printing

It’s clear that the HALOT-MAGE series is a ground-breaking innovation by Creality, which considers user feedback at every stage. The 3D printing industry has made significant strides forward, but Creality has set a new standard with its HALOT-MAGE series of printers. The 8K resolution and 10.3-inch LCD along with the Integral Light Source 3.0 and smart resin pump create an excellent user experience. The new printers deliver speed, quality, and reliability like never before. With the HALOT-MAGE PRO printer, Creality not only meets but surpasses customer expectations in the 3D printing industry.

Where to Buy the HALOT-MAGE/PRO?


With these ground-breaking new printers, Creality has once again pushed the 3D printing industry to new limits with its innovative solutions. The HALOT-MAGE series is designed around user needs and offers cutting-edge features such as 8K resolution, a smart resin pump, and an integral light source 3.0. The printers have addressed common user concerns and improved the overall user experience. The HALOT-MAGE series is a must-have for the serious 3D printing enthusiast, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and setting a new standard for the industry.


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