Creality Falcon2 40W-Surprising Presale Price for Limited Time

Creality Falcon2 40W Laser Engraver
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Creality, a renowned name in the world of 3D printing, has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation with the release of its latest creation: the Creality Falcon2 40W Laser Engraver. Combining precision, power, and versatility, this cutting-edge device offers a range of features that are sure to delight artists, hobbyists, and professionals alike. The Creality Falcon2 40W will be released on 1st, June 2023. Users could pre-order for the Falcon2 40W on Creality’s online store, where an early bird pre-sale will start on 1st to 8th, June 2023. Most importantly, you can gain a deposit of $100, and enjoy a $500 discount!

The following are Pre-order Details:

– June 1st to June 8th: Pay a $100 deposit to secure pre-order

– June 9th to June 16th: Redeem a $500 discount voucher with a pre-order deposit

– The first 50 orders will be offered an extra honeycomb

– Customers who pay in full will receive a free rotary roller 

– Remember to win the $50 cashback by sharing your work

– Installment payments are supported

The 40W Creality Falcon2 is equipped with lots of amazing features, including 40W strong power with adjustable beam spot, magical colorful engraving, new integrated air assist, get things done with less hassle, triple monitoring systems, support offline creating, offline dynamic preview and so on.

Creality Falcon2 40W Main Features

Unleashing Your Creativity with Adjustable Light Beam

Creality Falcon2 40W Laser Engraver

The Creality Falcon2 sets itself apart from its competitors with its highly sought-after adjustable light beam feature. This innovative technology allows users to modify the focus of the laser beam, enabling greater control over engraving and cutting depths. Whether you’re working with delicate materials that require intricate detailing or thicker materials that demand deeper engravings, the Falcon2 empowers you to tailor the laser beam to your specific needs.

Flexibility and Precision

Creality Falcon2 40W Laser Engraver

Equipped with a robust 40W laser module, the Falcon2 offers exceptional cutting and engraving capabilities across various materials, including wood, leather, acrylic, paper, fabric, and more. Its powerful laser allows for intricate designs and sharp cuts, enabling users to unleash their creativity and produce stunning works of art or prototypes with ease.

Creality Falcon2 40W Laser Engraver

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is always a top priority when working with laser engravers, and Creality has taken great care to ensure a secure operating environment. The Falcon2 incorporates protective features such as a door sensor that automatically stops the laser when the door is opened, preventing accidental exposure. Additionally, the machine includes an emergency stop button that instantly halts all operations in case of any unforeseen circumstances, providing peace of mind during operation.

With enough temperature through its powerful power output, the Falcon2 40W can generate a laser beam. When stainless steel is heated by this super powerful laser beam, the metal surface will physically react and produce hundreds of colors. This makes your work more personalized and vivid.

The Creality Falcon2 has amazing Speed, up to 25000mm/min. With 100% improvement in carving efficiency, Falcon2 allows you to spend less time creating more.

With a generous engraving area of 400 x 300mm, the Falcon2 offers ample space to work on larger projects. Whether you’re creating personalized gifts, custom signage, or intricate patterns, this engraver accommodates a wide range of creative endeavors.

Besides, it also has the following user-friendly and considerate features.

Triple Monitoring Systems

Airflow Monitoring indicates the current airflow volume. It enables you to adjust the airflow based on your engraving needs. Lens Monitoring, its built-in lens monitoring system will trigger an alarm when the lens is dirty enough, which helps avoid lens breakage and frequent replacement. Flame Monitoring, when a flame is detected, the indicator will flash red with an alarm and the machine will stop immediately.


The Creality Falcon2 40W Laser Engraver is a game-changer in the world of laser engraving. With its adjustable light beam, precise cutting and engraving capabilities, user-friendly interface, and enhanced safety features, the Falcon2 offers a complete package for creators and makers of all levels which is an upgrade choice of Falcon2 22W. Whether you’re a professional designer, a hobbyist, or an artist seeking to bring your ideas to life, the Falcon2 empowers you to explore new horizons and unlock your full creative potential.


Creality Online Stores Location: Falcon2 40W

Creality will disclose the 40W Creality Falcon2 surprising pre-sale price on their live stream. You can watch their live stream and enter a lottery to win free gifts and special coupons.


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