The Best 10 Push Click Mechanism 3D Print 2022

Looking for push click mechanism ideas? It may be used for pens, door latches, sd cards, and so on. Don’t worry, we’ve collected the most popular 10 push click mechanism 3d print that you can download directly. Let’s get started!

1. Kenobi Lightsaber (Ep. IV)

This is the Ep. IV version as seen in 1977. 

This replica is based on the design of the original Episode IV prop from 1977. The original model is impressive and teachable in its technical solutions, but it has a weak point at the clamp-pin connection and tends to break when being handled roughly or when worn for cosplay.

Push Click Mechanism 3D Print

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2. KiMe – Fully 3D Printable Kinetic Sculpture

This is a superb surprise gift for birthdays and for loved ones. Whoever received these sculptures would enjoy them so much and if you enjoy 3d printing, that would be a perfect match.

Push Click Mechanism 3D Print

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3. Interlockable Sorting Cups (now with Lids)

As an obsessive board gamer who values order, you would love this 3D-printed which can hold a wide variety of items, including inlays, boxes, cups, and other ancillary aids to gaming sessions.

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4. DnD 3 Digit HP Counter

Super compact HP counter with automatic tens and hundreds digit indexing!

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5. Mechanical Clock Escapement with Balance-Wheel

If you own a mechanical watch, have you ever wondered how it operates? Get a printout of the model and see if you can figure it out on your own!

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6. Google Chromecast TV Remote Push-Click Mount with a Crossbeam

Here we have Byteslinger’s update on the popular Google Chromecast TV Remote Push-Click mount. Since the arm mechanism would occasionally become dislodged due to the tension of the springs, the creator decided to attach a crossbeam to the primary holding. The push-click mechanism can still work while the arm is restrained by the crossbeam.

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7. Durable Mini Driver Kit (with Bi-Directional Clutch Drive)

That’s a new driver with a more dependable clutch system. You can pick it up and start using it in no time. Pushing the driver into the socket engages a clutch that allows you to turn the socket in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction; releasing the pressure allows the socket to spin freely.

The hex sockets in the driver are reinforced to accommodate 4-millimeter bits, and there is room for seven total. This is a multipurpose gadget with eight uses! The exposed washer can be utilized as a slotted screwdriver.

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8. Harry Potter-themed Strongbox With 8-digit Combination Lock

A portable safe decorated with the Harry Potter crest and equipped with a programmable 8-digit combination lock. This comes in both Swedish and English.

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9. PIT – Pencil In Twister (Assembly + Print-In-Place beta!)

Hello, I’m PIT, the pencil twister that will make your regular pencil last twice as long. Put a pencil inside, turn the knob, and the pencil will lengthen. You may now use even the tiniest pencils without having to toss them out because they are too short or too skinny to write comfortably. You can get it for free and listen whenever you like. Multiple pencils were used for testing, including a miniature IKEA pencil.

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10. Parts for Bicycle Turn and Stop Signals with Front and Rear Lights

Click here to get the components and hardware you’ll need to install turn and stop signals on your bicycle.

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Conclusion: Push Click Mechanism 3D Print

After reading the above push click mechanism, guess you’re desperate to try one. Go and print! If you have any questions, you’re welcome to comment below and share your thoughts.


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