Buying a Creality UW-03? Read Those Information (Before Purchasing)

Creality UW-03

Creality recently introduced a new washing machine, the UW-03. It is an upgraded version of the previous UW-02 model. It boasts enhancements such as 360-degree curing clarity and higher space utilization.

These improvements suggest that the UW-03 can more efficiently clean and cure 3D printed parts, providing clearer outcomes and making better use of its internal space. This upgrade is particularly beneficial for users looking to streamline their post-processing workflow with more effective and efficient cleaning and curing of their resin prints.

Priced at $149~$159, it’s available on its official store and Amazon now.

Today, let’s explore more details on this product.

UW-03 Features and highlights

First and foremost, the stronger washing solvent vortex, powered by a 500r/min magnetic propeller, effortlessly cleans every nook and cranny of your miniatures. No more battling with stubborn residues, this machine tackles them head-on. The 31% increase in washing power is very helpful and powerful.

creality uw 03

When it comes to curing, the machine boasts an array of 405nm UV LEDs that ensure a more effective and uniform curing process. As the turntable rotates, your prints solidify quickly and evenly, leaving you with neat, robust, and durable resin creations.

creality uw 04

One standout feature is the spacious design. The wash volume is a whopping 6.72L, accommodating prints of various sizes. The relocated light bar, coupled with a larger turntable, increases the cure volume to 10.64L – 13.7% more than its predecessor. This means you can process larger models in a single curing session.

The square turntable is a thoughtful touch. It’s not only more space-efficient but also features a perimeter curb to prevent your 3D models from rolling. Stability is further ensured by four ball casters, providing a smooth and secure curing process.

What truly sets this machine apart is its versatility. Apart from the standard in-basket wash and on-turntable cure, it supports hang-state wash and basket cure. Hang-state wash allows you to clean resin prints attached to a build plate without removing them, while basket cure lets you cure oddly shaped models without fiddling with their orientations.

Safety is a top priority with triple precautions. The orange-tinted lid blocks 99.9% of harmful UV light, and the curing process halts if the lid isn’t in place. The fully sealed washing container prevents leakage, spilling, or volatilization during the washing process.

For your peace of mind, I must highlight the convenience of the physical buttons for easy control. Adjust the speed and timer for wash/cure based on resin type, model size, and complexity with tactile feedback for each operation.

key components of UW-03 Curing & Washing Machine

The UW-0360W model is equipped with several key components designed for the efficient washing and curing of 3D-printed objects. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Washing Container: The main vessel where 3D prints are submerged and cleaned.
  • UV Protective Cover: A safety feature designed to shield users from UV light during the curing process.
  • Switch: The power control to turn the device on or off.
  • Power DC Interface: The port for connecting the machine to its power supply.
  • Washing Basket: A container that holds 3D prints during the washing process, allowing for easy removal and handling.
  • Operation Panel: The user interface for controlling the machine’s functions, such as setting wash and cure times.

Parts List of UW-03 Curing & Washing Machine

The UW-03 60W model comes with a comprehensive set of parts to ensure you have everything needed for the washing and curing processes:

  • Machine Main-Body (x 1): The core unit that houses the device’s technology and controls.
  • Cleaning Basket Assembly (x 1): A detachable component that holds 3D prints during the cleaning process, facilitating easy insertion and removal from the washing container.
  • Washing Container Assembly (x 1): The container in which 3D prints are placed for washing, designed to hold the cleaning solution.
  • Curing Platform (x 1): A platform where 3D prints are placed for curing under UV light, ensuring even exposure to harden the print material.
  • Additionally, the package includes a power supply to ensure your device is always ready for use.

This device streamlines the post-printing process by combining cleaning and curing into one efficient workflow. With its user-friendly components and straightforward operation, the UW-0360W model makes it easier to achieve professional-quality finishes on your 3D prints.

Creality UW-03 Unboxing Video

Set-Up of UW-03

Installing the Washing Container

  1. Align the washing container with the groove on the bottom platform and place it securely.
  2. Place the cleaning basket assembly into the washing container.

Washing Models

  • If the model has not been removed from the printing platform: Put it in the cleaning basket, then start the washing mode with the UV protective cover on.
  • If the model has been removed: Make sure it’s larger than 15mm to prevent it from falling through the basket and getting damaged. Secure the model, then fill with alcohol up to the maximum indicated level on the container.

Loading and Storing Cleaning Fluid

  • Fill the washing container with your choice of cleaning liquid (e.g., alcohol or detergent solution) without exceeding the maximum capacity (varies from 500ml to 9600ml).
  • Seal the container to prevent evaporation.

Washing Mode

  • Set the washing time and speed based on your model’s surface complexity and the amount of cleaning fluid.
  • After washing, remove the container and seal it to prevent spills.

Installing the Curing Platform

  1. Remove the washing container if it’s on the bottom plate.
  2. Insert the curing platform into its slot on the bottom plate.
  3. Place the model on the curing platform and cover it with the UV protective cover.

Curing Mode

  • Use the operation panel to select the curing mode, speed, and time, then start the process.
  • After curing, the machine will buzz to indicate completion.

Note: The operation panel visuals are just for reference; always refer to the actual product for accurate control and settings.


Cleaning and Curing Times:

  • Cleaning Time: Ranges from 5 to 30 minutes, allowing for flexibility based on the level of residue on the print.
  • Curing Time: Also ranges from 5 to 30 minutes, ensuring that your prints are properly cured for durability and strength.


  • Washing Size: 240x160x200mm, offering ample space for a variety of print sizes.
  • Curing Size: φ220x300mm, which accommodates taller prints for uniform curing.
  • Machine Size: 325x303x436mm, compact enough for desktop use without sacrificing capacity.
  • Package Size: 378x346x507mm, ensuring safe transport and storage.

Power Specifications:

  • Rated Voltage: 24V, indicating the machine operates on a safe, low voltage.
  • Rated Power: The power rating is not specified but will be matched to efficiently process washing and curing without excessive energy use.


  • Net Weight: 5.4kg, making it relatively lightweight and easy to move if necessary.
  • Gross Weight: 7.5kg, which includes the machine and all packaging materials, indicating it’s sturdy yet manageable.

Language Support:

Offers both Chinese and English options, catering to a broader range of users globally.

Daily Care and Maintenance Guide

Recycling Washing Liquid

To efficiently reuse your washing liquid, specifically alcohol, and maintain environmental responsibility, follow these steps:

  • Settling Cloudy Alcohol: After multiple uses, alcohol will turn cloudy due to dissolved resin. Allow this alcohol to settle undisturbed for about 10 hours, letting the waste settle at the bottom.
  • Separating Clean Alcohol: Carefully pour the clear alcohol from the top into a new container, leaving the waste behind. Dispose of the resin waste by exposing it to sunlight until the alcohol evaporates and the resin hardens. Then, it can be discarded as ordinary solid waste.
  • Cleaning the Washing Container: Rinse the washing container with water several times to remove any residue. If the sediment sticks to the bottom, remove the stirring fan for individual cleaning. For details on removing the stirring fan, refer to the “Maintenance of Stirring Fan” section.
  • Reusing Alcohol: After cleaning, refill the container with the filtered alcohol and close the lid, preparing it for the next use.

Maintenance of Stirring Fan

The stirring fan plays a crucial role in the cleaning process by agitating the washing liquid at high speeds. To ensure its longevity and efficiency, follow these maintenance steps:

  • Disassembling: Loosen the screws to remove the stirring fan for cleaning. This step is essential for removing impurities that accumulate over time.
  • Bearing Replacement: If needed, loosen the screw to replace the fan’s bearing. Ensure the new bearings are installed correctly by following the disassembly steps in reverse.
  • Preventive Care: Regular maintenance is vital to prevent rust and corrosion of the stirring fan. Prompt servicing ensures the fan remains in good condition, avoiding potential damage and ensuring consistent performance.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can prolong the life of your washing and curing machine, ensuring it remains a reliable tool in your 3D printing workflow.

Troubleshooting Guide for Washing Machine

Having trouble with your washing and curing machine? Here’s a simple guide to help you identify and solve common issues.

1. Washing Machine Doesn’t Start

  • Power Issue: If the machine isn’t powering on, check the power connection. Unplug the cord and plug it back in to ensure a good connection.
  • UV Cover Not Detected: The machine might not run if the UV protective cover isn’t properly placed. Make sure the cover is securely on and try again.

2. Stirring Fan Not Rotating

  • Blocked by Foreign Objects: If something is stuck in the fan, turn off the power, remove the alcohol and any debris, and then power on and try cleaning again.
  • Viscous Sediment: Thick sediment at the bottom can hinder the motor. Clean the container thoroughly to remove this buildup.

3. Machine Makes Noise During Operation

  • Uneven Surface: Ensure the machine is placed on a flat, stable surface to prevent vibration noises.
  • Motor Needs Lubrication: The motor’s bearings might need oil. Apply ordinary grease to the motor’s oil port.
  • Loose Fan Screw: If the stirring fan’s screw is loose, it can cause noise during operation. Tighten the screw with a screwdriver.

4. Model Turns White After Washing and Curing

  • Impure Alcohol Concentration: Use alcohol with a concentration of over 95% for cleaning to prevent residue.
  • Alcohol Not Dried: If the alcohol on the model’s surface doesn’t dry before curing, it can lead to whitening. Allow the model to air dry completely after washing.

5. Mode Lights Don’t Illuminate

  • If pressing the mode switch button doesn’t activate the lights, try pressing the button again or restart the machine for a fresh attempt.

By following these simple steps, you can troubleshoot common issues and keep your washing and curing machine running smoothly. Always remember to handle the machine with care and perform regular maintenance for the best results.

Where can I buy Creality UW-03?

Purchase Creality UW-03 in its’ official store or on Amazon below:


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