Creality Halot Play vs Halot Mage: Which is better?

creality halot play

Creality has just dropped its latest innovation in the world of 3D resin printing – the Halot Play alongside the UW-03 2 IN1 curing and washing machine. This new addition is turning heads, not just for its cutting-edge features but also for how it stands in comparison to its predecessor, the Halot Mage.

Priced at $269~$289, it’s almost the same price point as Halot Mage, and it’s available on its official store and Amazon now.

Let’s dive into what makes the Halot-Play a standout choice for beginners and see how it stacks up against the Halot Mage.

Unveiling the Creality Halot Play

The Halot-Play emerges as a beacon for those venturing into 3D printing, boasting attributes that cater especially to novices seeking simplicity without sacrificing quality. Here’s why the Halot-Play is capturing the spotlight:

  • HD Precision: With an 8.9-inch monochrome LCD and HD resolution of 3840*2400, it promises details so fine, you’ll want to examine your prints with a magnifying glass. It outshines many with its quick curing time of 1-4 seconds per layer, blending speed with precision effortlessly.
  • Generous Space: Offering a build volume of 7.55×4.72×7.87 inches, the Halot-Play provides ample room for larger projects or multiple prints at once, giving creators more freedom than ever.
  • Even and Efficient Lighting: The printer’s integral light source guarantees uniform curing, thanks to its advanced engineering. This not only enhances print quality but also speeds up the process, making your projects come to life faster.
  • Rock-Solid Stability: The Z-axis stability is unmatched, ensuring smooth surfaces and barely visible layer lines, thanks to its meticulously designed anti-backlash nuts and linear rail.
  • Adhesion and Ease: The build plate is a masterpiece of engineering, designed for maximum adhesion and easy release of finished prints.

Creality Halot Play vs. Halot Mage: The Showdown

When comparing the Creality Halot-Mage and Halot-Play, it’s essential to consider what aspects of 3D printing are most important to you. Each printer has its strengths, tailored to different user needs and preferences.

For Detail-Oriented Projects: The Halot-Mage, with its larger 10.3-inch screen and higher resolution of 7680×4320, is the go-to option for enthusiasts and professionals focusing on highly detailed prints. The smaller pixel size (29.7μm) means it can achieve finer details, making it ideal for intricate designs where every micron counts.

Volume and Speed: On the other hand, the Halot-Play, while sporting a slightly smaller build volume and lower resolution (3840×2400), compensates with a faster printing speed (up to 60mm/h) and a wider layer height range (0.01-0.20mm). This flexibility allows for quicker print jobs with adjustable detail levels, suitable for hobbyists and those who prefer a faster turnaround on their projects.

Light Uniformity and Quality: The Halot-Mage shines with a light intensity of 5000±10% and over 90% uniformity, backed by a dense LED array. This setup ensures that prints cure evenly, reducing the risk of imperfections. The Halot-Play, while still providing more than adequate light intensity (>3500μW/cm²) and uniformity (>70%), focuses on efficiency and speed, catering to users who value a balance between quality and productivity.

Size and Workspace: Consider your available space and the printer’s footprint. The Halot-Play is not only lighter but also slightly more compact, making it a better fit for smaller workspaces or those who need to move their printer frequently.

Ease of Use and Support: Both printers offer user-friendly interfaces, multi-language support, and compatibility with popular slicing software, ensuring a smooth printing experience regardless of your skill level. Creality’s customer support and the active community provide additional resources and help when needed.


The Halot-Mage is your best bet if your priority lies in producing highly detailed prints with exceptional quality, and you have the space to accommodate it. The Halot-Play, conversely, is perfect for those looking for a more versatile and speedier printer that still delivers on quality but shines in efficiency and ease of handling.

Your specific needs—be it for intricate art pieces, rapid prototyping, or anything in between—will guide you to the right choice.


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