Bambu Lab P1S: The Upgraded Full Enclosed High-Speed 3D Printer


Following the success of Bambu Lab P1P, which was launched in November last year, Bmabu Lab Technology officially released the upgraded version, P1S, on July 13, 2023. P1S is a fully enclosed CoreXY high-speed 3D printer. Similar to P1P, Bambu Lab P1S comes as a fully assembled machine, allowing for quick setup in just 15 minutes. With a maximum printing speed of 500mm/s and an acceleration of 20,000mm/s², it can swiftly and excellently print the benchmark boat, Benchy, in just 18 minutes and 24 seconds.

Bambu Lab P1S

New Features and Improvements

The upgraded P1S introduces a range of new features and improvements, taking its performance in the 3D printing field to the next level. One major highlight is the optional Automatic Material Supply System (AMS), offering users greater convenience and versatility.

With AMS, users can print in up to 16 different colors, significantly expanding the material choices for their projects. This feature is an essential enhancement for users with diverse printing needs, providing them with more possibilities for creativity and design.

p1s vs p1p

In addition to material diversity, the fully enclosed design of P1S is another remarkable aspect. Unlike P1P’s open design, P1S features a fully enclosed 3D printer structure, with glass material for the top cover and front door, and molded injection parts for the side and rear panels. This design not only gives P1S a more aesthetically pleasing appearance but also significantly improves the printing quality of high-performance materials.

fully enclosed design of P1S

With the application of a full enclosure, ABS and ASA engineering plastics, which might have experienced certain printing challenges in the past, can now be printed more effectively, meeting the demands of a broader range of application scenarios. Moreover, the fully enclosed structure keeps the noise generated during high-speed printing inside the printer, providing users with a quieter and more pleasant printing environment.

fully enclosed design of P1S

Hardware Upgrades of Bambu Lab P1S

auxiliary component cooling fan

In terms of hardware, Bambu Lab Technology has implemented a series of upgrades for P1S. The newly added auxiliary component cooling fan and enclosure-adjusting fan provide better temperature control for the machine, ensuring printing stability and reliability.

carbon air filter

Furthermore, P1S is equipped with an activated carbon air filter to help eliminate or reduce odors and harmful gases produced during the printing of ABS and other consumables, prioritizing users’ health and comfort.

Regarding finer details, P1S has been optimized compared to P1P. The newly added drag chain design not only protects the material tube and tool head cable but also effectively prevents extrusion wear on the top cover, prolonging its lifespan. The tool head data cable has also been upgraded to enhance durability.

drag chain design

Additionally, P1S comes with an upgraded PEI texture panel, with the stainless steel plate thickness increased to 0.5mm, providing stronger adhesion and effectively reducing the risk of model warping during large-scale printing.

upgraded PEI texture panel,

The coating on the printing panel has also been improved to enhance adhesion and durability, making it more suitable for high-temperature material printing.

Testing and Performance

Following our immediate printing tests, P1S demonstrated excellent performance and outstanding results. Despite being an upgraded version of the P1P, it boasts significant advancements in both performance and print quality, better catering to users’ needs. For those interested in comparisons, we conducted a comprehensive review of P1P, which can be found in “Bambu Lab P1P Review: Worth It Or Not?”

Testing and Performance

Summary and Recommendations

bambu lab p1s

P1S represents a significant upgrade to P1P, solidifying Bambulab’s leading position in the high-speed 3 3D printer market while providing global users with more creative possibilities. Whether you are a first-time buyer of Bambulab’s 3D printers or an existing user of P1P, P1S is an excellent choice worth considering. If you are looking for a powerful, stable, and user-friendly 3D printer, P1S will be an ideal option.

Notably, for existing users who have already purchased Bambulab’s P1P 3D printer, upgrading to P1S is easily achievable through the official upgrade package. This offers existing users a convenient upgrade solution, allowing them to experience the new and improved performance of P1S without having to invest in an entirely new machine.

In conclusion, whether you are an aspiring 3D printing enthusiast or an experienced professional, Bambu Lab P1S is a remarkable piece of technology that elevates the 3D printing experience to a new level. By incorporating cutting-edge features, materials, and hardware upgrades, P1S empowers users to explore and create with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Lastly, for those interested in purchasing the P1S, I highly recommend making the choice directly (market price: $699). However, for those with a more flexible budget, consider exploring the X1 series, which offers even better performance. Regardless of your choice, Bambulab’s high-speed 3D printers will provide you with robust support for your creative projects and unleash the boundless potential of 3D printing.

If you have any further inquiries or questions about the P1S or any other 3D printer-related topics, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below. We are more than happy to address any concerns and assist you in your 3D printing journey. Let’s embark on this exciting world of 3D printing together and unlock a realm of endless possibilities!


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