The Best 7 Sturdy and Cheap 3D Printer Table to Buy in 2023

Are you looking to get a new table for your 3D printer? When it comes to printing workspaces, they include not only the 3D printer itself but also filament rolls, tools, accessories, and post-processing equipment. You may start with a simple table for a 3D printer, but as you grow, you’ll need a specialized setup. A 3D printer table or workstation lets you organize and locate all your goods. But with so many alternatives on the market, it might be difficult to choose the right one.

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In this post, we’ll look at the criteria for picking a 3D printer table and focus on sturdy and cheap characteristics. Learn about these tables and select the ideal one for your 3D printer. Let’s first analyze what’s vital before offering ideas.

1. What kind of table is best for a 3D printer?

When choosing a 3D printer table, most people would consider high strength, sufficient space, and a specific purpose.

1.1 High strength:

One thing to consider is the material. Make sure your 3D printer table is made of sturdy material. A combination of steel and wood delivers the finest structural strength and serves a broad range of applications for your 3D printer table.

1.2 Sufficient space:

You should also think about how big of a table your 3D printer has. A large work surface isn’t necessary for a desktop 3D printer. But if you have numerous 3D printers or intend on obtaining more in the future, then you should acquire a 3D printer table that can hold all of them.

1.3 Specific purpose:

A table, whether it’s little and lightweight or a permanent fixture in your garage, should serve your particular purpose.

3D Printer Table

2. 7 sturdy and cheap 3D printer table to buy

1. Ikea Table End Side White (2 Pack) Lack

One of the most popular 3D printer tables you can buy right now is an IKEA LACK table. They are super easy to setup and most important it’s very cheap and also have a lot of different parts. By stacking these tables on top of each other, you can make a simple but useful workbench for your 3D printer.

Because of how they are made, stacked LACK tables can also help you surround your 3D printer on all sides. Enclosures for 3D printers let you print with more materials and keep your 3D printer from being exposed to the outside world. Prusa3D has a great guide on how to use these tables to build your own enclosure.

It is a stylish and flexible table/enclosure solution that you can use at home, in the garage, or at the office. The LACK table from IKEA is a great choice for someone who wants to build a cheap DIY 3D printing table but also needs design and feature flexibility.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Value for money
  • Modern style
  • Can be used to build an enclosure


  • Sturdiness needs to be enhanced
  • Very lightweight

2. FLEXIMOUNTS Universal Steel Work Bench

FLEXIMOUNTS Universal Steel Work Bench

With the Fleximounts Workbench Frame Kit, you can build the best workbench to clear up space for your 3D printer and keep it organized.

All you have to do is add wood in the sizes and colors you want (lumber not included). Assembly is easy and straightforward with just an electric screwdriver. You can build it to any size that works for you, up to 96 inches long, 35.4 inches tall, and 48 inches wide. It can be used as a multi-tiered plant stand, a work table, a coffee table, and so much more because of the way it is made.

The only thing that you might noticed is that the screws provided to attach the benchtop to the beams underneath are cheaply manufactured. The Phillips head cutout is not concentric, and they seem to strip easily. Despite that, you can get a huge 8′ by 4′ workbench for a very reasonable price, which is still a good price.


  • Incredibly sturdy
  • Greater durability
  • Customizing the size was fantastic
  • easy to put together


  • Brackets size is uncommon

3. Safco Products Wire Deskside Machine Stand

This is a nice, sturdy, rolling table. The 4 legs actually have some heft to them. The wire shelves are stout. It’s sturdy. It’s easy to put together. Rolls easily when unlocked, even on the carpet. Stays put when locked.

This is a good fit for my Creality Ender-3 Max Neo 3D printer, it looks decent for my back room, or a back room office, but not for a nice room or office, a modest-looking unit. It seems sturdy, mostly because of the thick vinyl laminate particleboard top, it is a good inch thick. The shelves are not as sturdy, felt them flex considerably, with light pressure under my foot, during assembly.

20+ lbs of weight in the center of lower shelves could cause distortion over time, and possibly cause a wobbly table. Casters are the most obvious weak link here, but upgraded casters are easily found for $15-20. Decent quality, and is fairly sturdy, with weak areas, and is somewhat overpriced.


  • The black finish looks chic and hides in shadows
  • Adjustable shelf heights made everything fit like custom-made
  • The rim on each shelf faces downward, so things slide on/off shelves easily
  • Impeccable quality of every component
  • Very easy to assemble
  • It’s just the right height
  • No wasted space.


  • Casters don’t roll very easily on a 1/2″ thick rug. I won’t be rolling it, so that’s not an issue here.
  • Packaging could be SO much better. Even a little styrofoam would help. The paintwork held up well, despite everything being wrapped in thin plastic and left to bang around together.
  • the box was inadequately taped.

4. Seville Classics UltraHD Workbench

4. Seville Classics UltraHD Workbench

Seville Classics is a home and business organization and storage solution provider with 40 years of experience and a single mission to bring innovative high-quality products to homes and businesses across the globe.

The Seville Classics Ultra HD workbench is extremely well constructed and easy to assemble. The hard wood work surface is very thick and beautiful to behold. Delivery was quick but I was surprised at the weight of the box. After a quick unpacking I had the workbench assemble in less than 20 minutes. The instructions were well detailed and easy to follow. I like the fact that there were few parts and all fasteners were the same save the large adjustment screws.


  • Very sturdy and durable
  • asy to put assemble
  •  aesthetically pleasing to look at and absolute value for the money
  • adjustable height


  • the finish was really fragile though

5. Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk

Mr IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk

Mr Ironstone has only focused on furniture for more than 9 years. As its’ goal says, “There’s always one that catches your eye.” They are always eager to offer customers the best furniture and service around the world.

The Mr IRONSTONE L-shaped desk is ideal for individuals searching for a 3D printer table that also has room for a computer. One customer testified that it “had space for both of my displays and my 3D printer” with 50.8 inches on either side of the desk.

A monitor shelf on the table keeps PCs and laptops out of the way and maximizes the amount of work area accessible. The corner arrangement also keeps the desk tucked away, freeing up office space or room.

This table can support up to 100 pounds due to the MDF engineered wood top and aluminum structure, which is sufficient for desktops, laptops, and a printer. “This desk is incredibly solid and nicely crafted,” one delighted buyer remarked.


  • Decent pricing
  • Decent quality
  • Sturdy
  • Perfect height..


  • Bad design of the legs
  • Bad design of the connector between the legs on each side..
  • Total toe and knee buster..

6. GOLDORO Tools Multipurpose Workbench

This versatile bench is excellent for your next project. It has a peg board for tool storage, a 14-watt fluorescent cabinet light, two slide drawers, and a three-outlet grounded power strip built in.
Heavy-duty steel construction with a long-lasting enamel coating. 80-inch power cord. The tabletop load capacity is 220 pounds. The top shelf load capacity is 44 pounds.

The big table top provides enough of workspace. Two drawers, pegboards, and open shelves make it easy to arrange your tools and keep your workspace nice and ordered. Suitable for homes, workshops, garages, or offices, such as woodworkers, mechanics who prefer to repair home things on their own, or anybody who needs a stable organization, but it is not limited to this; other features await your discovery.



  • Top shelf did not come to size and had to jerry rig the last bit of assembly

7. Pearington AV Presentation Cart Stand

The Pearington AV cart is ideal for storing a 3D printer since it has four 120-125-volt outlets on the side for plugging in the printer and a computer. According to one user, “the power supply is powerful; it carried speakers, amplifiers, mixers, and guitar pedals.”

Wrapping the 12-foot rope around the strip makes it simple to store. It can handle up to 110 pounds on each shelf due to its sturdy steel construction. According to a repeat client, these carts “look terrific and feel pretty much indestructible.”

All of the shelves are adjustable and give plenty of room for storing a 3D printer, a PC, filaments, and other 3D printing equipment. “This stuff is fantastic,” said another customer. I’m using it to hold my Ender 3 Pro.”


  • They look great and feel pretty much indestructible
  • Very sturdy
  • easy to assemble


  • Top shelf did not come to size and had to jerry rig the last bit of assembly


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