Falcon2 22W Laser Engraver & Cutter


  • Thicker Cutting with Stronger Power
  •  25000mm/min Fast for Higher Productivity
  •  Groundbreaking Integrated Air Assist
  •  Five Safety Protections
  •  Triple Monitoring Systems
  •  Magical Colorful Engraving
  •  All-around Safety Protections
  •  User-friendly Designs


Falcon2, Creality’s Next-Gen 22W Laser Engraver, Inspires Better Creations

Falcon 2, a cutting-edge and potent 22W laser engraver from Creality, is unveiled to inspire better creation.

Many people who like laser engraving liked the laser engravers that Creality used to sell. From the CV-01 to the CV-01 Pro to the CR-Laser Falcon, Creality makes the engraving and cutting work much better. By introducing Falcon2, an improved version of the CR-Laser Falcon that ushers in a new era of laser engraving, Creality is now making the best even better.

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